Broadcast CDN is a service that has been developed to deliver Connected TV and OTT TV traffic across the internet and private IP networks to various platforms with full audience statistics, built-in gpu powered transcoding, and full monetization via ad-funded and subscription services.

Broadcast CDN powers a high number of channels and platforms across the world providing a single integrated solution which are tried and tested with all video players, devices, and various integration partners for advertising and aggregation.

SSAI - Server Side Ad Insertion
SSAI – Server-Side Ad Insertion 

SSAI – Server-Side Ad Insertion is available on the network to all channels via SCTE markers, graphical detect and other logical calculations.

The service is covered via a single “Virtual Box” which includes live tv multi-bitrate transcoding, ad insertion, full 90 day DVR, Virtual MCR broadcast monitoring, and edge delivery to the near pop for each and every viewer.  


Broadcast CDN takes the complexity of broadcasting any existing tv channel as a Connected Television channel with full monetization”

Jamie Branson – View TV Group