Channel Management, Sourcing & Delivery for Smart & OTT FAST Platforms

FAST Playout Channel Management from our team of dedicated people delivering channels on behalf of platforms including origin collection, transcoding, CDN distribution, SSAI Monetization, Ad server integration and Ad Pod Back-fill.

FAST Platforms

Get Broadcast FAST Channels live on your platforms 5 times faster with Broadcast CDN

Broadcast CDN offers OTT, FAST and Smart TV platform owners to get channels to source, onboarded and monitored 24/7 to deliver the best user experience without having to hire new and contradicting members of staff to an existing business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get content to you?

We use SRT/RIST & Point to Point View TV for live contribution or media files via FTP, SFTP, Aspera, Upload, JSON and MRSS catalogue import.

Do you have any custom plans for me?

If you have multiple channels or a bespoke style of operation we are more than happy to quote independently.

Can I subscribe to multiple plans?

You can have as many different plans and channels as you require.

What documents or data you need?

We need proof of content ownership, brand guidelines and channel audience data to make sure your channel is successful from day one.

How can I cancel my subscribing?

Our contracts are only on 60 days notice, so you can cancel when you want as we take pre-payment for the cancellation term.

What is your refund policy?

We do not refund any unused months unless SLA or service schedules have been breached.

What if I cancel after few days?

If you cancel after a few days you only forfeit your 60-day term payment.

Do you have 24x7 customer support?

You can contact us via Email, SMS, telephone, skype, and Slack to make sure we are always informed of your business requirements or issues.

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