Over the past few years, many broadcasters and content owners looking for OTT revenue have experienced compliance and trust issues. There were so many links in the revenue generation chain and limited clarity in the trading process, so it was being abused.

Broadcast CDN Cloud Playout partners provide complete transparency as the entire process is contained in one end-to-end system. The ad server, SSAI, Broadcast, and monitoring are included with fiber-powered global delivery. As Cloudie TV is the single provider, this solution provides peace of mind for broadcasters and content owners because they only need to contract with a single accountable organization.

Broadcast CDN’s revenue partner addressabley provides premium demand and demand from other providers with addressable and programmatic adverts that relate to specific geographical areas. It will monetize your channel and commit to providing a $10cpm monthly average and in many cases, with a 75-100% fill rate.

Broadcasters, content owners, and advertisers want to ensure that ads are inserted into inventory so that viewers are not turned off by ‘clunky’ visuals, our SSAI manages the clean insertion and exit of the ad into the 3-minute ad break. At the same time, there is a requirement to send relevant data back to the ad agency related to the addressable ad break, which is provided by our SSAI to better target ads.

SSAI - Server Side Ad Insertion
SSAI – Server Side Ad Insertion

The best user experience is maintained through Videologic TV presenting targeted ad for each viewer or type of content and Cloudie TV broadcasting HD or 4k while giving viewers a diversity of channels to watch. this way, viewers continue to watch, ads continue to trade and revenue continues to build. as more people watch, higher cpm ads are offered to fill inventory.

Revenue Model Example

Below is an example of a revenue model for a channel broadcasting >100,000 hours per month across Kapang platform. 100,000 hours is what we would expect for a low audience channel in the UK or the US.

We can provide advertising monetization on all other platforms and even integrate their inventory in as they request.